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The PGRP2014 Meeting will be held in Poznań, Poland, in the Collegium Biologicum of the Adam Mickiewicz University at the Umultowska 89, 61-614 Poznań. We will meet at Campus Morasko, Collegium Biologicum on Monday 30th. The conference will take place in the auditorium (Paczoski Aula) on the ground floor. The registration desk will be opened from 8:00 June 30th. It is located at the ground floor, next to the entrance of the building.
How to get to the conference building from the tram stop "Os. Sobieskiego"?

(around 10 minutes walk to the entrance)

A=tram stop "Os. Sobieskiego", B=Collegium Biologicum
How to get to the tram stop from student dormitories ("Zbyszko" & "Jagienka")?

(around 5 minutes walk to the "Słowiańska" tram stop)

A="Zbyszko" & "Jagienka" dormitories, B=tram stop "Słowiańska"
How to get to the tram stop from “Vivaldi” Hotel?

(around 10 minutes walk to the "Słowiańska" tram stop)

A="Vivaldi" hotel, B=tram stop "Słowiańska"
Trams travelling to the Collegium Biologicum depart from the tram stop "Slowianska" and arrive at the final stop "Os. Sobieskiego" ("Os. Sobieskiego" direction). All trams departing from “Slowianska” will arrive at “os.Sobieskiego” regardless of the tram number (e.g. no. 12, 14, 16, 15, 19, 20). Journey by tram takes around 10 minutes. From “Os.Sobieskiego”, the entrance to the Collegium Biologicum building is around an eight minutes walk.

One-way ticket (15 minutes) = 2,80 PLN

In Poland valid payment in PLN

Tram tickets can be bought at ticket machines located at the tram stops or directly inside the trams (not every tram has ticket machines). You can also use TAXI (phone to the company: +48618519519 or 19628).

Cabs will wait at the Vivaldi Hotel. We negotiated 10% discount for all participants (use password: "conference").

Supporting partners

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